Mensa Gatherings

General Assembly 2013 Montreux

14.09.2013 - 10:00

Hi everyone

The General Assembly 2013 will take place in Montreux at the Hotel Helvetie (Salon Louis XV) from 10:00 to 14:00. There will be a lunch break at 12:00; food will be paid for.

The day before there willl be an Icebreaker event as well as a welcome dinner if you manage to come already on Friday.

After the General Assembly there will be a program you may choose from if you want to: visit at the castle of Chillon / sightseeing at the Lavaux wineyards / city tour in Montreux. For more detailled information please see the event itself.

On Sunday there is the possibility to visit the buddhist monastery near Montreux.


AG Welcome Dinner

13.09.2013 - 19:00

Hi everyone


The Welcome Dinner will be at the restaurant La Rouvenaz. A walking distance of 5 minutes from the train station or the hotel at the lakeside of Lac de Lémon.

The different menus will be updated in August. Prices vary from 50.- to 70.- a menu.

For any further information, please contact me by email:

Sign up requiered; deadline: 30.08.2013



Starter (given): Antipastini on a plate. (vegetarian or not?)

AG Icebreaker: dégustation de vin

13.09.2013 - 16:00

Hi everyone

For the Icebreaker we are visiting the "Cave Vevey-Montreux" for little wine dégustation. First we will have a little tour in the boutique and then will test 4 to 5 wines ourselves. We will meet at 16:00 in front of the location and stay there until about 6 o'clock. It is a 5 minute walking distance from the train station.

Price per person: sponsored by Mensa

The tour will be most likely in English and French.

Sign up required; deadline: 30.08.2013

for any further information, please contact me:


Best regards


AG 2012 : voyage groupé depuis Lausanne le samedi 1er septembre

01.09.2012 (All day)


Afin de s'assurer l'exploration de ce territoire alémanique qu'est "Grenchen" dans la bonne humeur, tout en rencontrant vaillamment et avec joie les membres des autres régions, quoi de mieux que d'y aller en groupe ?

C'est pourquoi nous vous proposons de partager le voyage ensemble pour la journée du samedi
Nous sommes également heureux de pouvoir rejoindre la délégation valaisane sur place, qui arrivera en voiture Smile

Contact Email: 

Mensa Poland Annual Gathering 2012

07.06.2012 (All day)
08.06.2012 (All day)
09.06.2012 (All day)
10.06.2012 (All day)

 Details coming up.

MMMM2012 - Mensa Malta Meeting May 2012

12.05.2012 (All day)
13.05.2012 (All day)
14.05.2012 (All day)
15.05.2012 (All day)
16.05.2012 (All day)
17.05.2012 (All day)
18.05.2012 (All day)
19.05.2012 (All day)
20.05.2012 (All day)
Sliema, Malta

Just to inform you about this event.

Announcing an upcoming Mensa meeting event on the exotic island of Malta…

EVENT DATES: May 12 to May 20, 2012

Mensans from all over Europe are invited to meet and mingle for a week-long holiday at the Park Hotel, Graham Street, Sliema, Malta.

Website (also for Registration):

Facebook Group:

Contact Email: 
Valletta, Malta