National Yearly Events

National events that will be held in Switzerland once a year like AG, Active members' weekend, Intelligence day, SOLA-Stafette, etc.


Mensa Photocup
Brilliance by Thomas HunzikerPhoto: Brilliance by Thomas Hunziker


The art of photography is an area where Mensans from over 50 countries with different languages, customs and traditions can converge with a single, visual language! Use your creativity, skills, and technical expertise to produce your entry in the Mensa PhotoCup!


Board Election 2015

Mensa Switzerland Board Election 2015

Election Results

The voting results are attached as PDF. Thank you for your participation. All 5 candidates have reached a positive net vote (nv) count, so all 5 candidates are considered “acceptable”. With 5 positions to fill, the new board is complete.

1. Mark Dettinger, 61 nv
2. Takuma Wagner, 59 nv
3. Philippe Traber, 52 nv
4. Natalia Malysheva, 39 nv
5. Yvonne Batt, 31 nv

Congratulations to all elected new Board Members.


Active Members' Weekend

Each year in spring, Mensa Switzerland organizes an Active Members' Weekend (AMW). It is generally located at some beautiful place, it's free and open to all members. Those who already have a function in Mensa Switzerland are especially encouraged to attend it and shape Mensa's future, but it is also a perfect opportunity for those who want to learn what Mensa Switzerland is doing and then become an active member after the weekend.

List of Active Members' Weekends

2012 Charmey
2013 Richterswil
2014 Prêles
2015 -
2016 Bern 
2017 Suggestions wanted


The Annual Gathering

The Annual Gathering is one of the oldest traditions of Mensa, dating back to 1948 in England.

Tag der Intelligenz

Jedes Jahr am 1. Oktober feiert Mensa den sogenannten "Tag der Intelligenz" (TdI). An diesem Tag finden weltweit öffentliche Veranstaltungen statt, an denen sich Nicht-Mitglieder über unseren Verein informieren können. Zusätzlich wird ein Unterhaltungsprogramm geboten, dass aus interessanten Vorträgen, Podiumsdiskussionen oder Quizshows bestehen kann. In den Wochen nach dem TdI finden vermehrt Intelligenztests statt, um die erhöhte Nachfrage zu bewältigen.

Geschichte des "Tags der Intelligenz"