Board and Impressum of Mensa Switzerland

Addresses of Mensa Switzerland

Official Address Finance Membership Applications Prior Evidence Evaluation
Mensa Switzerland
3000 Bern
Mensa Finance
8000 Zürich
Mensa Member Services
8000 Zürich
Isabel Hotz
Kalchbühlstrasse 43
8038 Zürich


Board: board -at-

 Natalia Malysheva
 Marketing & Media, Communication
 natalia.malysheva -at-





  Stephan Langenbach
.langenbach -at-






 Yvonne Batt
yvonne.batt -at-






 Silvia Ackermann
 Member Services, Events, 
silvia.ackermann -at-





 Pierre Fevrier-Vincent
Marketing and Media, Mensa Inside,
 Gifted Children
 pierre.fevrier-vincent  -at-






National Supervisory Psychologist

  Isabel Hotz
  psy -at-

Membership Office

  Cirsten Novellino 
  office -at-




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