Brilliance by Thomas HunzikerPhoto: Brilliance by Thomas Hunziker


The art of photography is an area where Mensans from over 50 countries with different languages, customs and traditions can converge with a single, visual language! Use your creativity, skills, and technical expertise to produce your entry in the Mensa PhotoCup!


Each year, Mensa holds a National PhotoCup competition in each country first. The top three winners then participate in the International PhotoCup. The final selection is made by an external board of judges comprised of experts in the field.

The theme for 2017 isBORDERS” Let your imagination run wild.

Please send your photos to

The Swiss top-3 will be submitted to Mensa International.

Past winners of the Swiss PhotoCup 

  • 2016 Philipp Reinhard (1st place in International Photocup) (Theme: Unexpected!)
  • 2015 Donat Kamber (Theme: Urgency)
  • 2014 Moreno Gazzetta (Theme: Beauty)
  • 2013 Manuel Möhler (Theme: Opposites)
  • 2012 Esther Naef (Theme: Unique Structures)
  • 2011 Thomas Hunziker (1st place in International Photocup) (Theme: Brilliance)
  • 2010 Manuel Möhler (Theme: Water)
  • 2009 Toni Tremp (2nd place in International Photocup)

Unique Structures at the Zoo Zürich

26.05.2012 - 09:30

Ob Streifen auf Chapman-Steppenzebra, Amurtiger und Sinaloe-Königsnatter, Flecken bei Schneeleopard und Blauer Pfeilgiftfrosch oder Farbenmuster von Pantherchamäleon, im Zoo Zürich wimmelt es nur so von Tieren, die durch ihre «Unique Structures» ideale Motive für den Photocup 2012 abgeben. Aber auch ohne Fotokamera lohnt sich der Besuch im Zoo. Wir treffen uns am Samstag, 26. Mai, um 9.30 Uhr beim Haupteingang und begeben uns anschliessend zur Fütterung der Seehunde um 10 Uhr.

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